Greetings, Earthlings! was a three-day, art-making workshop and video project. The video depicts giant Aliens from Outer Space hovering in the skies above the City of Rochester, MN, speaking urgent messages to the people of Earth. 

During the workshops, held at the Rochester Public Library, July 24-26, 2018, participants created Space Aliens with paper puppets and were asked to imagine the following scenario:

"Space Aliens visit Earth to deliver important messages to the human inhabitants. The Aliens are peaceful and are puzzled by current events on Earth and they have come to deliver advice. Hovering overhead in the skies above the City of Rochester, what are the Aliens saying?"

The puppets were filmed delivering their messages in front of green screen and all of the performances and voices of the participants were edited together after the workshops to create the final video. 

The video is a collaborative project that combines individual perspectives into a collective vision of hope and encouragement towards togetherness for the communities of the City of Rochester, the State of Minnesota, the United States and the World. The project relies on science fiction to allow fresh perspectives on the current moment.